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Poetry: Borderline

She cries "get out," then "don't leave me!"
There's a push and then there's a pull.
It's a drama of insanity.
Will no one catch her if she falls.

It's like walking on eggshells
And he does not understand.
It's in the little lies she tells
And the attention she demands.

She just wants love and acceptance,
The kind her mother couldn't give.
She'll leave before he gets the chance.
She's in too much pain to forgive.

There's a cycle of highs and lows
That at times she both loves and hates.
She's blinded more than she knows,
Caught in anger she can't satiate.

Nothing around her seems real,
She fades away just like a dream.
She'll do anything to feel,
She drags a razor across her skin.

She gets high to numb the pain;
A scream that's buried within.
She's filled with unspeakable shame.
Is she damned for the abuser's sin?

She doesn't know who she is.
She becomes what she thinks he needs.
She gives more than what he gives,
A further resentment it feeds.

To become her authentic self,
To not be afraid to live,
To shed guilt that leaves a gulf,
In her soul she can't freely give.

She's the girl that is on fire,
An allure that can't be denied.
More than object of desire,
She's beautiful on the inside.