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Dear Younger Self by Paul


I need you to zero in on what I have to say because your future depends on it. You’ll be graduating and bidding farewell to all your comrades in the next four years, so here’s the game plan… First, read a damn book for a change!You have no idea how literature will alter your vision of the world and dictate the trajectory of your adult life. Reading will render you support in all of your core subjects and empower your actions, mind, and soul, so READ, READ & READ!   

When did you get so complacent with not completing schoolwork? While you’re doing just enough to get by, several classmates are PASSING YOU BY! Your 3rd-hour teacher is literally competing with you and your talkative friends. Do you realize that she’s arming you with analytical and critical thinking skills that the digital world will be craving? I know…. “I already understand this useless information, and I’ll pay special attention to my coursework once I reach college.” I gotta tell ya, this approach will set you back a solid six years! Quit wasting time and do the damn work!  

Your current friend circle will drastically change and ultimately diminish three years after you graduate -so don’t invest too much stock in following the crowd. Lastly, don’t allow temporary circumstances to paralyze your personal choices – have a broader vision for yourself. The decisions you make in these next four years will write the narrative for your near and distant future.

Take care, Younger Self.

Paul Vaughn is a Social Studies educator in both American secondary and post secondary schools in Michigan, US.