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How to measure a healthy program and a healthy mind

Please rate the quality of the workshop you had.
Select a score ranging from one to ten,
Where ten is “Excellent” and one is “Bad”.
It helps us improve when we do it again.

Please rate your mental health - how are you feeling?
With quantitative, qualitative measures galore,
We try to tease out what the data’s revealing,
But what differentiates a three and a four?

Feeling good? Feeling great? How are you?
But in truth, I don’t even like talking about me,
“My name is Justin and my favourite colour’s blue.”
That’s enough sharing for this icebreaker activity.

How do I feel? And what is my rating?
My personal scale goes from three to eight.
So what does it mean when evaluating,
When one person’s “Poor” is another one’s “Great”?

Your feelings might run from sub-zeros to twelves,
While I might not feel those emotions so strong.
That’s not a problem with you, me, ourselves,
Everyone’s different - there ain’t nothing wrong.

Please rate your mental health - how are you feeling?
Here’s a tip, in getting the evaluation planned:
It’s not about “what works”, measuring baseline or ceiling,
The role of evaluation is to understand.

As part of Mental Health Illness Awareness Week, mindyourmind team members took on a Poetry Challenge. From October 1-5, we are publishing poems about mental wellness, coping, resilience etc from the team. We are anything but poets so be kind in your critique.