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Isolation Renovation

Heard on the news, heard from the mouths

We must isolate, they scream and shout

Goodbye to friends, good bye to family

Departed from those we love quite sadly

Given this space, given this time

These dimensions are taken, like a crime

These feelings of hope, of joy and pleasure

Ripped from us, without any measure

Feelings of dark, of brooding and sad

Not seeing our loved ones, makes us quite mad

Easy to slip, easy to tumble

Into the dark, as the storm clouds rumble

But there still shines, a sliver of light

Within our grasp, for it we must fight

As isolation can be enjoyed, and the light may shine

For those that can take the time

To reflect on ourselves, and have the chance

To know ourselves better, the whole song and dance

Find a new hobby, play a new game

Not every day, I promise, will be quite lame

As the storm clouds rumble and darkness looms

It is in here that light shines the brightest, and positivity booms