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A Look at Mental Health through Zines

A Look at Mental Health through Zines

This set of zines was co-created by mindyourmind and a group of 16 youth from the Halton Catholic School Board as part of our Oakville Design Lab. These zines are meant to continue the conversation around mental health in an interactive and fun way. Read more about each zine below. 

How to Survive

This zine gives you the space to do some reflection, learn how to support your friends and talk about mental health with those closest to you. 


This zine focuses on personal growth and how to practice journaling in fun and unique ways. Each page has prompts that you can use to do some reflection.


This zine talks about the importance of understanding your emotions and the underlying factors that impact them. In this zine, you will find many resources and coping strategies you can incorporate into your self care practice. 

Thank you to the Oakville Design Lab group: Ava, Cole, Elif, Elize, Gisela, Gloria, Hailie, Katelyn, Logan, Lucas, Nabiha, Paco, Serene, Sierra, Talia, and Tiffany.

These resources were developed as part of the Canada Service Corps. Check out to learn more about our involvement in this federal initiative.