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Me, Myself and I

Although I’m surrounded by people I feel alone.
No one can see that I go to a home that isn’t there.  

Trying to make decisions about my life, 
by following a map that wasn’t made for me. 

No one mentioned that I’d be in a constant battle between 
what is expected of me and what is realistic for myself. 

My cries are not for help, but a hand to guide me through my journey
to build skills, knowledge and feel included in my community.      

For me, myself and I, life could be so different 
If I’m given the chance to be me. 

As part of Mental Illness Awareness Week, mindyourmind team members took on a Poetry Challenge. From October 1-5, we are publishing poems about mental wellness, coping, resilience, self-care etc from the team. We are anything but poets so be kind in your critique.