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mindyourmind Podcast

Episode 0
In this episode, Andrea sits in with me and we discuss what this is all about! Thanks for listening!

Episode 1: Lights
In this episode, mindyourmind volunteer and megafan Christel, got to talk with her idol about the process of writing, what its like to grow up with parents who are missionaries and what her advice is to newcomers! Let’s listen in to what she has to say!

Episode 2: Stress and Staying Grounded
When a person thinks about touring it is easy to envision the best parts of it. However, what many don’t see is the stress and toll that the musicians face as a result of being away from home, not getting enough sleep on the bus and being in the same space for long periods of time. This episode features the question: How do you manage stress and stay grounded?

Episode 3: Our Lady Peace
In this episode, mindyourmind's Diana, got to talk with Steve about what inspires him and the band, how they deal with stress and what give him hope! Let’s listen in on what he has to say!

Episode 4: Greatest Advice & Words To Live By
In this episode, we ask some of our favourite bands about the greatest advice they’ve ever received and what some words they live by are!

Episode 5: Doc Walker
In this episode, mindyourmind volunteer Taylor, got to sit down with Doc Walker in 2014 and discuss many things, like how they relieve stress, deal with anxiety and keep grounded!

Episode 6: Alyssa Reid
In this episode, mindyourmind volunteer Scarlett, talks with Alyssa about moving around a lot as a child, how she stays grounded and struggling with self-confidence! Let’s listen in on what he has to say!

Episode 7: Down with Webster
In this episode mindyourmind volunteer Deana, ask the band about what inspires them, how they stay grounded and their experience with anxiety. Let’s listen in on what they had to say!

Episode 8: Advice for young people
Let's face it, being a young person (14-29) is HARD, we go from being children to adults with careers. To wrap up our first podcast season, we will feature the question: What advice do you have for young people. Let's listen in on what they had to say!

Episode 9: Final Goodbye
In this episode, I reflect on what it was like creating mindyourmind's inaugural podcasting season!