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In my shoes

"This is our story. It is part of our self-healing! We would like to share it with you!" The Dancer is a play which portrays the influence of a dark spiritual dancer and a light spiritual dancer on the behaviours of the Innu people of Davis Inlet, Labrador. The play holds a very special message for Innu and non-Innu people across Canada. The infiltration of negative influences has created tension and problems in many First Nations communities including Davis Inlet and the play aims to offer solutions.

The Mushuau Innu lived on the island community of Davis Inlet for a very long time, under very poor living conditions. For years, the community of Davis Inlet struggled with very high incidences of suicide, substance abuse and tragedy. In 2002, the people of Davis Inlet were moved to their newly constructed community of Natuashish, a distance of 18 kilometres away on the mainland. The Dancer, is performed by eight students from Mushuau Innu Natuashish School. It relies on emotion, music and movement and beautifully portrays the struggles which the Innu have had to face. Most significantly, the play illustrates how the Innu people are beginning to overcome these obstacles.

The play was written by Christine Poker, a native of Davis Inlet and now Natuashish. She currently works as a Counsellor at the Healing Lodge in Natuashish. Maggie Rich assisted Christine in the writing and production of The Dancer. The talented young people who perform in the production of The Dancer are accompanied by their supervisors, as they perform in communities across Canada.

Brydget, age 18 submitted by me, age 17 by Vishalatchi, age 22