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Ottawa Newcomers Info Videos

mindyourmind worked with a group in Ottawa of newcomer youth to co-create some resources with the intent of empowering youth to seek help, as well as provide some information to their parents around the issues they may be facing. 


For youth:

  • Do your parents misunderstand mental health? Would you like to discuss mental health with them but feel like you can't?
  • Is it because your parents come from a country where mental health is viewed differently?
  • Check out this video with your parents! It may help break down the barriers!

For parents:

  • Have you heard much about mental health? Do you want to know more? Would you like to know how to help your kids with their mental health?
  • Watch this video below in to learn more about how to help them!
  • You may also be able to watch it in your own language! NepaliFrenchSpanishSomali and Vietnamese videos are available.
Click here to read more about the group and see what else they created.