Submissions from young people who find their truth and inspiration through the written word. Find yourself in the words of others.

  • I don't own a shopping cart.

    I am not homeless.

    I am not violent or unstable.

    I don't smell bad.

    I didn't drop out of school.

    I was not abused or molested.

    I don't carry a sign that says the end is near.

    I don't ahve a 'look'.

    I don't yell at strangers.

    I don't wear dirty clothes.

    I am...

  • Picked apart like a poorly done project
    Face red, mind blue
    Censoring words like a strict world leader,
    I found you

    My hands would sweat and my heart would flutter
    Not in a good way, but with you
    I feel like butter
    Slip into a smile because
    I found you


  • In the bleak December evening
    When empty sadness fills my soul
    To my Jen I shift my dreaming,
    Thrilling thoughts, she’ll console.
    Though far away, I feel her pull.

    When winter nights are lonesome cold,
    Late hour hath thoughts in disrepair,
    A vision of her warm hand I’ll hold,
    Sweet lips,...

  • Lonesome fear has plagued my life.
    My days of youth, spent in strife.
    My faith since abandoned, with prayers unheard,
    For God to allow such pain it’s absurd:

    “Horror of horrors, a life spent alone,”
    “That future assured, my past has shown.”
    “O take me heaven,...

  • Have you ever been in a crowded room and felt overwhelmingly alone?

    Have you ever felt like begging someone to be there for you, listen to you, but fear being a burden on their seemingly happy life?

    Do you feel like it's just a fairy tale to one day become truly happy?


  • I wanna resurrect this subject but never did it die

    Best respect and love it this I’ll explain and try

    Too tame is lame I’m ah lion that stays free

    A cranium without shame in a jungle of beliefs

    Humble but some retreat this disease leaves us pure

    Meds are a need, prescriptions to help...

  • The train wreck is over and it really doesn't matter

    Just sift through the wreckage for what didn't shatter

    You will find baggage some good and some bad

    Hang on the the good reflect on the sad

    Come up with the lessons they're there for a reason


  • ...she said to me during group today. Again, I sensed all eyes on me and I felt like jumping through the window. Why do I keep coming to these sessions?

    Your relationship to your voices is important. Stand up to them, man! Face those ugly bastards head-on. Understand where they are...

  • ...asked Sandy the rehab nurse during group today.

    So I gave her the 411 from my perspective:

    Hearing voices
    Seeing ugly faces
    Scrambled brains
    Misinterpreting the world around me
    Animals and objects talk to me
    Paranoid about people talking about me
    Movies playing in my head and mixing it up...

  • Be less dependent on my family
    Make better decisions
    Eat healthier
    Spend more time with Mom
    Cut down my smoking
    Keep my doctor’s appointments
    Be more in the present
    Be less of a burden to my mom and brother
    Find a job
    Stop using drugs
    Stay on...