Constant Regret

The harder I try
The weaker I die
It's never going to be okay
Constantly reminded of that day
So many regrets
And now ten times the debt
Stranger starring in the mirror
Into eyes full of fear
And all this shame
That i cannot tame
But take the blame
As i face the terrors
And fuck the prayers
No god in the sky
No blind third eye
We are what we are
Not perfect by far
But the blame is on me
No higher he
And all of my struggles
All of my troubles
That got me to today
Sitting afraid
Cold and alone
I try not to moan
But the pain stays deep
As i'm about to leap
Off the building of my sorrows
I will reach tomorrow
I will continue fighting this fight
Though it is still consuming
My thoughts and my mind
Just wish to rewind
But truth is reality
And grounding is gravity
nearing my end