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Pop another pill

Wake up
muscle fibers contract
tense up
rhythms syncopating
in order to bring heat
pop another pill
Wake up
I’ve been scratching myself in my sleep again,
my arms marked up by the involuntary self-harm
Is it still considered self-harm if you can’t help yourself?
Isn’t the point of self-harm the fact that you can’ help yourself?
Isn’t self-harm a self-destructive, yet less destructive than hurting
others, so in a way constructive way of helping yourself?
Self-harm is a release, a way to squeeze all these emotions inside of me and
vindicate them physically
Quell the rising tide of depression and not kill myself tonight
just rend and then mend these emotions inside of me, my personal psychiatry
CBT retracts that statement for psychiatry is psychiatry and referring to
other coping mechanisms as psychiatry is a fallacy
pop another pill