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Poetry: SHE

There she stood infront of the broken mirror but it wasn't the mirror that was broken. There she was crushed.

Her body seemed whole but there was a hole in her soul that carried the fragments of her fractured heart. There she was trying to change who she was to be who they wanted her to be.

She picked up her sandals and chased the wind; deceived by the mirage of beauty. At first moving felt like progress, then it only felt like a never ending pain.

There she was at the mirror, looking at the girl she couldn't see. Drying the sea of tears she wished were of joy. Trying to see the face of the woman she was told she could be. Lost, broken, she picked the boxes that gave her the keys to the person she was told to be.

And infront of the mirror, her eyelids covered the sight of the beauty that was originally her. Out she went to show the world the future she was forced to dream.