My day at mindyourmind

Today I spent the day at mindyourmind. I'm in Grade 9 and this was my placement for today. It was fun! My first job was to look through the website and I checked out the games. They are different but all very fun! 

My next thing I had to do was go through this new tool they made for school - On to the Next. this was good for me and it will teach a lot of kids what mental health really is and how it effects people. The survey is rather long but it has changed the way I saw mental health and it's good to always have a plan in case a crisis comes. The games were interesting by how they taught you things but they didn't loose my attention either which is good for an educational game. They have a wide range of games from talking about being gay and how it's ok to come out and tell your family and friends about it to being addicted to the casino and losing everything you own.

Today was very successful. I think the survey helped me and my feedback will help them improve with things in the future! 

Thank you mindyourmind for letting me come out today. I had more to do than I thought I was gonna have!