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once i was whole
i waited in the darkened hours before the dawn
the radio played my favourite tunes
i thought i had myself to give
it all amounted to naught
until the sun shone over the landscape
awakened as i was
i reached towards the bright rays
enchanted by the warmth therein
what i knew not was that i lived in the shadows
of behemoth mountains
a valley so deep
and only twilight was upon me
i threw away everything and ran
with an ever-reaching hand
then came late morning
and the sun broke free of the horizon
and cast me in tremendous heat
and for a moment
a blip in the schemings of time
i was warm to my core
life flowed through every moment
every kiss upon my lips
giving me the strength needed to live
as quickly as i was graced
i was broken into shards
as the sun chased behind the mighty peaks
casting me into cold shadow once more
alone and afraid
there seems to be a mighty hole
where once sunflowers grew
twice i run until mercury heavies my limbs
and each time i fall ill
a single tear escapes me eye
going on only because the sun had whispered,
"i will rise once more"