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We Can Weather The Cold (On Love And Mental Illness)

In the bleak December evening
When empty sadness fills my soul
To my Jen I shift my dreaming,
Thrilling thoughts, she’ll console.
Though far away, I feel her pull.

When winter nights are lonesome cold,
Late hour hath thoughts in disrepair,
A vision of her warm hand I’ll hold,
Sweet lips, soft cheek so fair.
A trace on my shirt: the fragrance of her hair.

Though lies between us a gulf of miles
And past hurts of love gone awry,
We can take our time, enjoy the smiles,
Get ourselves healthy, it’ll take awhile.
Move forth slowly ‘cause it’s worthwhile.

And on some future’s bright summer’s day
When warm contentment fills our souls
My Jen and I will find our way,
In wellness we’ll be whole.
For now, ‘til then, we must weather the cold.

(It's been years since I wrote this; still searching for love but found recovery)