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What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is a state of mind,
where hurricanes of dismay, negativity and self-pity are rendered null and void,
and the volcanoes of vengeance, envy and malice are extinct.
It is the warm place where all our loves reside.
It is the intentional acts that we do for others when we don’t expect nothing in return.
It is the wealthiest wellspring in our core where we can afford to give and give in bundles and still be left with more.
It is the fuel that pumps every pore, every muscle with boundless energy and joy, and pulls my facial muscles into a ‘that-guy-is-weirdly-smiling-to-himself’ smile for no reason as I walk on Dundas Street on a Friday morning.
It is the promise of a sweeter tomorrow brimming with old, new and unknown treasures.