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Grounded, like an anchor 
The ups and downs no longer phase me
Weathered through life’s challenges
I am grounded, like an anchor

Fluid, like a dancer
In tune with the movement of life
Aligning and feeling my rhythm
I am fluid, like a dancer

Strong, like the wind
It doesn't matter where life moves me
I will endure and thrive
I am strong, like the wind

Resilient, like the Earth
Do what you will, I will grow when you think I can’t
I will replenish when you least expect it
I am resilient, like the Earth

As part of Mental Illness Awareness Week, mindyourmind team members took on a Poetry Challenge. From October 1-5, we are publishing poems about mental wellness, coping, resilience, self-care etc from the team. We are anything but poets so be kind in your critique.