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Words Can Heal

I've recently created a product that is very dear to my heart:  temporary tattoos for mental wellness. I've managed anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia for many years, a couple of them all of my life. I've had ups and downs, highs and lows, and breakdowns and breakthroughs. I call it a roller coaster ride but it is anything but fun or enjoyable.

I had my latest breakdown just this past January. The details don't need to be rehashed, but let's just say they had me in full-on panic attacks and anxiety. The gift that came out of this atest episode is what Healthy Reminders are all about.

You see, every time I go through a rough patch, my first inclination is to create tattoo designs. Weird? Well, for me, it's about creating a reminder for the next time that I go through anxiety or depression. Because, oh yes, there will be a next time!

So here I am this past January, going through mental hell and taking to InDesign to create my latest tattoo designs. I start playing around with the word Balance, (actually I had done it before and couldn't think of any better way to design it.) Then I played with the word Breathe. The words "This too shall pass have" always helped me out so I started playing with them as well. Before you know it, the idea "Don't believe everything you think" crosses my way and I start playing with that as well. Such great stuff! Such effective words and phrases to turn my thinking around! And then, THE thought came.

If these could help me, maybe they could help others as well... but in a temporary kind of way. That way, you could wear them when you need them and they would fade away. And not only that, but each word or phrase could serve a particular crisis. I believed I was on to something!

I've always been happy to share my mental health experiences but now it felt like it was time to step things up a notch. To really put my design skills where my passions lie. Now, I can't say that I'm passionate about mental illness but I am passionate about helping others realize that they have the power to change their thoughts. To choose, in each moment, a new story so to speak. That's what I have learned from my experience. My other passion is typography. I know it may seem weird to some but I totally love finding just the "right" font for a word... to give it just the right energy though type that defines it. It's almost like alchemy in my mind!

So after finalizing my designs, finding a printer, and all that other "businessy" stuff, the tattoos are finally available for sale. As an artist, I've created some pretty cool things over the years but this is the one I am most proud of. This one serves others. This one means that I may just help one other person off of a ledge. This one might turn someone's life around. And that is the most amazing thing of all.

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