Although her music is dubbed as “electro-pop”, this singer would tell you it’s “intergalactic-electro music with equal parts fantastical / epic / beautiful / emotional”. She’s been making music and finding a world of magic in the sounds of many instruments since she was a small child and today, Lights, born in Timmins, Ontario is collecting Juno Awards earning #1 spots on Much Music.

Lights grew up getting a head start on learning how to tour so-to-speak. Her family moved around a lot and she got to experience living in the Phillipines and Jamaica while growing up and being home schooled. She says music became her consistency, a place that provided an escape but also remained unchanged. She says, “I realized I had discovered more about myself when I was just listening and creating music than from anything else.” She also appreciates the lessons she learned while growing up in various parts of the world and says, "It was a really important thing to learn about as a kid, that nothing is so important that you can’t leave it behind."

mindyourmind volunteer Christel, was working on a project with our Youth Voices team, a group of newcomer youth developing mental health awareness materials, when we told them that we were interviewing Lights. As a fan, Christel was super excited to meet and talk with Lights. Additionally, we thought it would be cool to ask Lights about her own experience as a newcomer in the countries she has lived in to include in Navigators, a game the Youth Voices team created. Also, check out the pictures Jose, another Youth Voices member, drew for Lights in our slideshow. Here's the interview...

Questions by

mindyourmind volunteer, Christel.

mindyourmind talks with Lights