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1919 Magazine, Caleb Yohannes

1919 Magazine, Caleb Yohannes

This month Scarlett and Simran sat down with Caleb, the founder of 1919 Magazine. In the interview, listeners will learn about this magazine by and for Black youth, their multimedia platform, and the grassroots community work that they do. 

You can learn more at and connect via Instagram @1919mag

Questions for 1919 mag

00:19  Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
01:00  What was the final inspiration that pushed you to create 1919 magazine?
02:58  What is the meaning behind the name 1919?
04:43  On your website you highlight that 1919 is also an interdisciplinary multimedia platform, could you tell us a bit about that?
07:28  What do you hope 1919 will do for other Black youth?
09:56  Do you think it could also influence other racialized or marginalized youth?
12:03  Recent publications

Photo credit: Yohana Ogbamichael