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Brock Larocque has been singing since he was 9 years old, on karaoke and found singing to be a positive emotional outlet to dealing with stress and depression in high school. Originally a one man show, Brock formed the band that is now Adelaie, with Prevail Music, adding Kevin Valkenier, Michael Marcus, Josh Rodrigues, and Michael Wolski to complete the mix. From London, Ontario, this band looks to inspire you with their soft melodic acoustic sets and pop / rock. When asked to sing a cover by someone, Brock says Enrique Iglesias is not his thing...but he did give us a great version of "Free Fallin"!! Check it out for yourself and also check out what Brock and Kevin have to say about how they would help a friend dealing with depression or mental illness and why they believe “music calms the soul”.

Photo by mindyourmind