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Alexisonfire (2004)

Hummus and salsa and George…Oh my!

Its December 16th, 2006 @ 5:30 pm. We’re waiting to grab an opportunity to interview George Pettit, lead vocals from Alexisonfire. Right now he’s busy on stage doing a sound check, preparing for 940 screaming fans at a venue in London, Ontario called the Drink.

Cristina, AOF’s publicist, arrives and leads us into a sound proof room for some brief one on one time with George. The room…a couple of comfy couches for the band to kick back on before they go on stage. The snacks…hummus, pita bread, nacho chips and salsa. Sensible, no frills kinda snacks. The guy…George…sensible, no frills, unruffled, kinda guy. He is in person the absolute and total contradiction of the stage persona who seems to be forever tortured and suffering.

George invites us to sit down and Nic Cavaliere, one of our Youth Volunteers, begins the interview.

You have developed such a large following among Canadian fans and worldwide with virtually no radio play. What do you think people are connecting with?

We’ve been fortunate that Much Music has played our video and through word of mouth our fans are growing. Young kids telling their friends, that’s what it’s been about. We are not your average band. Our sound is different than what people have heard before.



Do you think music can change human behavior or at the very least do you think it can inspire people to make changes?

Yes! Definitely! I’m living proof. At 16 I began to listen to my cousin’s punk rock albums and loved underground music. It changed my life.


How do you cope with stress on the road?

It gets easier. We are all like brothers. We argue and then we’re friends again. Being able to play and release helps a lot. I need it everyday. This can be such a hard job but it’s the best thing ever. You keep in touch by phone with family and friends. That helps. You sort of have to sacrifice your personal life in this business. I don’t have one!


When is the last time you saw or heard something that made you laugh hysterically?

Every 5 minutes with this band! We just got back from a tour in Australia and we were just looking at the photos we took with these Koalas! Hysterical- just goofin’ off. We’re all big goofs and we have as much fun as possible.

Finally, just a few words about how you got started for all those aspiring musicians out there.

We all started with our own bands and would see everyone around. We got together and started playing local shows. We would send flyers at schools, set up the show ourselves and then we got a record demo together. We set modest goals for ourselves. If we had intended to be on MuchMusic, play all over the world to sold out crowds right away, I don’t think it would have happened. We set small steps. All it takes is a little talent, a little perseverance and a lot of luck.

Photo by mindyourmind