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All Time Low

All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore, formed in 2003. They were only in grade 8 when they started getting the band together, but have 5 albums out to date, with their latest released in 2012, entitled, “Don’t Panic”. Produced by Mike Green (Paramore, Set Your Goals, The Matches) and mixed by Neal Avron (Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy) the new album features guest appearances from Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Jason Vena of Acceptance & Cassadee Pope! Out on their headlining tour, titled, “The Rock Show at the End of the World”, with The Summer Set, Downtown Fiction, and Hit the Lights, All Time Low are currently playing shows nationwide across Canada. Get to know All Time Low in our interview.

The band began to assemble while in grade 8 and you ended with your current line up in grade 9, what advice would you give a young person who is having a hard time balancing their dreams and things we have to do?

Obligations are important, but at the end of the day, what makes you happy is what you should focus your time on.

What inspired you to become musicians?

Watching Blink 182’s "The Urethra Chronicles." Watching that DVD really made us want to pursue music as a career.

The band has been together for many years now. How do you manage to keep the “spark” alive?

At this point in our career, this band has become a family. Not just the band, but our crew has become a very important part of All Time Low. We’ve been fortunate enough to hire our friends and it’s that family dynamic that has continued to breathe life into our band.

You have been constantly touring since graduating back in 2006 (and even before that), spending much of your time all together and never having any “me” time, so how do you manage to make “me” time while on the road?

Since we’ve been doing this for some time now, we’ve learned when people need space. We’re all very sensitive of people’s personal space. Sometimes, escaping to your bunk with an ipod and headphones is the best way to get some space and privacy.

Your parents played a substantial role with helping you start your career, driving you all over the place to play concerts while giving you enough space to grow. Now that they are not on the road with you all the time, who are your primary support groups?

Each other. Our crew. Friends we’ve made along the way. We’re a very self-contained unit. We genuinely like each other and we always talk to each other.

What advice would you give a fan who might be going through a tough time?

It will get better. It always does. A lot of time, we’re very short sighted when dealing with tough situations. Focus on the positive in your life. The mind is a powerful thing and positive thinking goes a long way.

By all of you starting to play music at young ages, what role do you think music plays in shaping the behaviours, emotions or personal identity of others?

It plays a massive role. I think so many people define themselves by the music they listen to. No matter what the genre is, different kinds of music affects different kinds of people. Growing up, we did everything we could to be like Blink or Green Day. We modeled our lives after that lifestyle all because we liked their music. I think that’s a pretty common thing.

Do you guys have nicknames for each other?

Alex – Ace, Gassy, ADubs
Jack – Jbstar, Jackie Boy
Zack – Zman, Zeus
Rian – Bob, Robby, Dawsonator

Although it’s almost Christmas, what did you guys dress up as for Halloween this year?

Our crew dressed up as storm troopers and the band dressed up as Jedi masters. Done!