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ASRA: The Punjabi Alcohol Resource

Bavenjit and Manvinder are the co-founders of ASRA: The Punjabi Alcohol Resource dedicated to helping Punjabi families navigate problems with alcohol.

I got to chat with them about ASRA, the pandemic, and some current events impacting the community. Watch our interview here, and for more information, check out ASRA.

Time stamp on our interview questions:

  1. I want to start off by getting to know you a little bit. Can you tell me about the two of you and your ASRA team? 0:20
  2. What inspired you to create this resource for understanding addiction? 2:20
  3. What has the reception to ASRA been like from the Punjabi community in British Columbia? 6:55
  4. What are some challenges have you encountered in your work with ASRA? What are some of the highlights of your experience? 11:15
  5. Why does ASRA use the wording ‘problems with alcohol’? 16:54
  6. As we know, the Farmers Protests have been going on in India for quite some time now, and this spirit of resistance is felt in Sikh and Punjabi diasporas (both in Canada and worldwide). Have the protests influenced your work with ASRA recently? Have you been seeing any trends or patterns in regards to mental health and addiction? 20:39
  7. How can people access ASRA or learn more? 24:53
  8. Why the name ASRA? 26:45
  9. What have you both been doing to keep well during this pandemic? 27:54

Photos by Bavenjit Cheema and Razan Samara