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The Atom Age

The Atom Age hail from Oakland, California. This 5 piece band play 60's garage / punk and are heavily influenced by bands like Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, and the Sonics. They've gone as far to say that without Rocket, there would be no Atom Age. Upon their recent release "The Hottest Thing That's Cool", mindyourmind interviewed the guys about their love of Rock ‘N’ Roll and how they pull through tough times. Check it out!

This is a typical question, but I ask it when there’s an interesting enough band name – where did yours come from?

The Atom Age name came from our love of the culture during the actual “Atomic Age” of the 50s and early 60s. The music and style of that time is something that we have always been influenced by and we wanted to do as much as we can to associate the band with that time of pure Rock ‘N’ Roll greatness.

Your music has been described as not deviating at all from a solid Rock ‘N’ Roll or punk sound. Tell us what’s important about punk rock to The Atom Age!

Rock ‘N’ Roll (including punk) has a few important aspects to us. High Energy is essential in order to get the music across the way it was meant to be played and experienced. Having your own vision and sound is also important. So many people think you can’t do anything more with Rock ‘N’ Roll but that’s just not true, people get lazy and don’t try to deviate, but when you do that in a genre that’s based on individuality and rebellion its suicide. The last thing that’s important is one very simple thing: Fun. If it don’t make you feel alive and make you wanna shake your ass it ain’t Rock ‘N’ Roll.

You recently released a new album, “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”. What was your favourite song to create off this album? Fav song to play live?

Our favorite song to create was the first track “Dig The Future” It has this really simple 3 chord power riff that became so much more dynamic when we added everything else to the song; it kinda surprised everyone on how it came out. Our favorite one to play live is the title track “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” it mixes a little bit of all our songs into one and sounds evil as hell live.

You have called yourselves “fast food connoisseurs”. What’s your favourite place to eat that you’ve discovered while touring?

Texas BBQ is absolutely the best food you can have. There are too many to pick a favorite.

How do you guys deal with stress while on tour? Do you ever get home sick?

The best way for us is to just keep quiet in the van. It helps everyone. We each do our own thing like listen on headphones, read, sleep, or work on the computer. It gives everyone their space.

What helps you to relax and chill out when you have a bad day?

For me it’s sleep. Simple as that!

Is there a song / album / type of music you like to listen to when things are just not going your way?

I listen to early 60’s pop music like Lou Christie, The Beach Boys, Del Shannon or any of the girl groups. That music will always put a smile on my face. It’s incredibly well written and incredibly fun to listen to. It can definitely turn my mood around.

What would you want to say to someone who’s feeling down or hopeless about life?

I would say that you should find something you love or care about and go for it, it’s not easy to do but it makes you feel like you have a purpose and it is ultimately gratifying.

One random fun fact about each band member…aaaand GO!

Ryan (Vox/Guitar) is actually a distant relative of Elvis Presley. Peter (Vox/Guitar) was in a band called Halloween Everyday. Brendan (Sax) has more energy than anyone on Earth. Matt (Bass) has an extra toe. John (Drums) has a degree in psychology.

And lastly, do you have any punk rock words that you live by?

“Play your best 25 minutes and get the fuck off stage” - Joey Ramone