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The Brains

The Brains have been described as “Canada’s most insanest, undeadest and bestest psychobilly horror-punks” and we’ve got them here for an interview with mindyourmind! Pat Kadaver (drums), Colin The Dead (bass), and Rene D La Muerte (vocals, guitar) comprise this three-piece rockabilly, punk rock n’ roll band. Colin The Dead was awesome enough to answer our volunteer and huge Brains fan, Amanda’s questions!

Their new album, The Monster Within, is said to be an “unholy collection of mind-bendingly ear-scorching tracks that grab you by the neck, stare straight into your eyes and dare you to fight back”. When Amanda asked The Brains what the album title is all about, Colin told us "It’s about conquering your inner demons and smashing anything and everything in your way"

The Brains have toured Europe, Canada and the US alongside acts like Mad Sin, The Offspring, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Real McKenzies, The Creepshow and many more. In 2013 they have a relentless tour schedule in the works that includes stops at CMW, PouzzaFest and Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK. Colin The Dead talked to us about how they destress, keep it cool and how he deals with mental health issues.

First and foremost, we found the band's interests on their facebook page: Brrraaaaaiiinnnsss!!! And more Brrraaaaaiiinnnsss!!!

Congratulations on the release of your new album "The Monster Within"! You guys have a huge Canadian & European tour ahead of you, how do you prepare yourselves (psychically and mentally)?

It's all about getting into the zone on tour. Concentrate on putting on a good show and don’t let the small stuff get to you. Physically you have to be conditioned to be able to play fast and tight, working up the old calluses is a plus too haha.

What do each of you look forward to when going on tour?

We look forward to hanging out as bros on the road, playing the shows and traveling and seeing all our friends around the world.

How do you maintain positive relationships being on the road with each other almost 24/7? How do you maintain relationships with your loved ones back home in Montreal?

It’s all about respecting each other on the road and like I said before you can’t sweat the small stuff or before too long you'll be at one another's throats. We're all like brothers now and sometimes you're gonna fight and argue but as long as you can get over it and not be a dick then it’s fine haha. We stay in touch with loved ones on the road and send them news and support and they do the same for us.

Your trailer was recently stolen in Montreal, any updates on its whereabouts? How are you guys dealing with this stress?

Yeah that really sucked! So far the police don’t have any leads but a great fan and friend of ours lent us his trailer and that took a huge load off our shoulders. It’s truly amazing how many good people there are out there in the world willing to lend a hand when you're down.

Have any of you dealt with mental health issues personally or with someone in your life? What advice do you have for any fans dealing with mental health issues of their own?

I have, sometimes it’s tough but if you deal with it properly and stay on top of it then it’s not such a burden. Take your meds, stay positive and keep good people around you in life. That’s the key. Music is a great outlet too.

You guys have had the opportunity to tour in the past with some amazing bands like The Reverend Horton Heat, Mad Sin, The Real McKenzies, The Offspring, etc. What have you learned and experienced from touring with other bands?

We've had some very very amazing times with these guys. The parties and camaraderie are wicked, playing with other super talented musicians really pushes us as musicians and helps us grow and gain perspective.

Your new album is called "The Monster Within", one aspect of the cover art (done by the wonderfully spooky artist Ghoulish Gary) shows a man breaking through to release some kind of inner struggle or "monster". What does the term The Monster Within mean to each of you?

It’s about conquering your inner demons and smashing anything and everything in your way.

Tough choice I'm sure, but what is each of your favourite song or lyric off the new album?

“So what I'm wasted my life was not" -Pat “Keep me out of my misery , give me what I need, keep me flying high" -Rene "Fighting in the streets fucking in the back seat doing lots of dirty deeds, better stay low as I’m coming through the back door get down on your knees" - Colin

We all know and love how you mix the horror genre into your fast paced, psychobilly songs, lyrics and even lifestyle. What attracts you to the creepy, the undead and the macabre?

It's just fun really, the violence, the monsters the ghouls and blood haha. We don’t take it seriously but it’s bad ass haha.

What are your favourite horror movies? What films and characters have inspired your music the most?

Between us we like a vast array of horror movies but personally I like the really old ones like Nosferatu, Frankenstein and Dracula. I think we're more influenced by the living than the undead though.

You encourage fans to get up, rock out and dance during your live shows, do any of you fancy yourselves a good dancer?

We've been known to blow up the dance floor haha but in all seriousness we probably just look like fools out there haha! MORE BRAINS!