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Cmagic5 is an up-and-coming vocal artist from Toronto. This 18-year-old singer was classically trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and brings a soulful, powerful voice to the contemporary pop songs she creates. Cmagic5 is also invested in mental health awareness and youth mentorship. She reached out to speak with us about her music, her passions, and her life. 

Your name is Cmagic5, which is very unique! Can you tell us a little bit about how that came to be?

As a young girl, I always envisioned being a singer/songwriter and created this name. The “C” corresponds to the initial of my first name. The number “5” is my lucky number, being born on the 5th day of the 5th month. Ever since I was little, I always hoped that people would experience the “magic” through the power of music.

My passion for singing and performing manifested itself at a very early age and I was already performing to a ‘living room’ audience by the age of 5. The inspiration for writing songs was innate and I had written my first song at the age of 6. By the age of 10, as my articulation developed and matured, I had written and composed my very first original song with no assistance. The lyrics were very raw, pure and straight from the heart, which set the very foundation to nurture my creativity as Cmagic5 and pursue songwriting and there was no looking back since.

How have you been doing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic? How has it impacted you or your music?

With the pandemic gripping the world, no doubt we are living in unprecedented times. During quarantine I tried to make the most of the extra time on hand and focus on my music and be quite productive. Being a self-managed artist, I’ve not only been able to write music with inspiring themes but also work on the lyric and music videos and release music. Paradoxically, it has been a productive experience amidst turbulent times. I personally feel I have been able to set short-term goals and be a better version of myself having this extra time to do so. 

Though the live music and grassroots in-person performances have diminished right now, it has opened up a plethora of online avenues and live streams, reaching a geographically wider and diverse audience which I think is truly amazing in the midst of this pandemic! I am humbled to have been able to win a couple of online music contests such as the Niagara Grape & Wine Fest 2020, Fuerza Latina Canada One-Minute-to-Win-it Talent Competition, performed for the Centre Stage Saturdays, International Peace Festival 2020 and Youth Day Global 2020, which I posted on my socials. I was also recently nominated for the Mississauga Music Awards 2020. This has definitely kept me motivated and inspired to keep making more music. 

Not too long ago, you completed your vocal training at the Royal Conservatory, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious musical institutions. How did this education shape you into the artist you are today?

Just like any education out there, music education has provided me with a strong and valuable foundation and enhanced personal growth and social cohesion. It has not only shaped me as an artist but also as an individual. 

Music itself is a universal language. Having been classically trained, I can sing in Italian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and of course English. Being a musician, I feel it is important to explore different styles, genres, and languages. As English is my first and only language, studying and performing different vocal pieces in various languages has not only enhanced my abilities as a musician, but has also educated me and expanded my horizons on diverse cultures. Vocally, classical studies have strengthened my technique and shaped my soulful and powerful voice. Music history and theory have enriched me as I am able to use this knowledge when it comes to my songwriting and composing. While I would like my music to be fun and enjoyable, I also want it to be musically respected. 

You often talk about mentoring and supporting youth in their passions for performing arts. Why do you feel it’s important to help other young people in their creative endeavors?

Being a youth mentor of the arts, I think the younger generation today are so intelligent,  knowledgeable and curious. They’re little munchkins with a growing desire to know more. With technological advancements and everything moving towards digitization, I think they’re better equipped today to absorb even more. I totally relate with those who are interested in the creative arts wanting to pursue their passion. I want to be able to encourage, motivate and support them through their creative journey and provide them a strong foundation to hone their craft. Music empowers you to grow not only as an artist but also as an individual and what better gift to give yourself than music education. 

You’ve also mentioned being a proud mental health advocate. Why is mental health awareness something that you’re invested in?

I am a strong believer that mental well-being is as important as our physical well-being.  Especially in this day and age, where the future is so uncertain, and where the world is adversely impacted, economically, socially and emotionally, each one of us has a responsibility even if it means playing a small role. It is important to keep our minds fit and strong. Kindness, being humble, and smiles go a long way in spreading positivity. 

With the medium of the arts, music enables me to deliver simple yet positive inspiring messages by reiterating self-worth through my own experiences of bullying during my early childhood. Music has the power to heal. By raising awareness, and being a mental health ambassador by collaborating with platforms and campaigns that also champion the cause, I want to enhance awareness and reduce the negative stigma that is so often associated with mental illness.

How do you practice self care? What do you turn to to nourish your mental health?

Through the hard way, I have learnt that self-care and self-love are not only important but crucial for your own mental health and this is the core message I also convey through my music. I believe the arts can weather any storms and music is my go-to. For as long as I can remember, music has always been a part of my life. Right from an early age, I knew my passion. Taking inspiration from life experiences, toxic friendships, negative people, bullying etc… I began writing and there has been no looking back since. Self care could be different for everyone. Personally, I like to treat myself by working out, taking a warm bath, and watching a feel-good movie. Do whatever makes you feel good because you deserve to be good to yourself! 

I try to represent my artist brand in a way that takes the uplifting and empowering messages from my music, and channeling that energy through a vibrant and exuberant visual style. This is reflected in my personality as well. I encourage listeners to be themselves always! Yes, for sure be inspired by people around, but share your own light and own what makes you unique. Being a vocal mentor, I am dedicated to helping youth amplify their voice in society, as well as on the stage. My music is for all ages, with its key attraction being amongst the Gen Z. 

You list your musical inspirations as being pop artists like Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and Toni Braxton. Are there people in your life who also inspire you to be a better artist, or person?

Yes absolutely. One of my greatest musical influences has always been Nina Simone. Her voice, style of music and work ethic have all inspired me to be the greatest musician I can be. One of her most successful songs, “Feeling Good” was the first song I began to perform in front of large live audiences. The more I sang it, the more I began to discover my true abilities as a vocalist. The profound response from the audience motivated me to think of my art as a career and hone my craft even further. 

Personally, I am grateful to my parents who have always supported me to pursue my passion and my education in music right from my formative years and today I am proud to have earned my credentials from the world-renowned Royal Conservatory at a young age. They have given me a strong foundation and instilled values of honesty, humility and hard work (the 3 Hs so to speak) and that is shaping me to be the person I am today. As an individual, I believe that one should be able to eliminate negativity around and soak in just the positive elements - starve your distractions and harness and feed your focus and strengths.

You have an incredible voice, and we’re so looking forward to hearing more of it! Where can fans find your music?

I am truly grateful for the commendation. Fans, supporters and well-wishers can always tune in and stay in touch via their favorite social media platform and find my music through the following handles:

Instagram @Cmagic5 
YouTube Cmagic5 
TikTok @Cmagic5music
Spotify Cmagic5  


Photo by Cmagic5