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Darrelle London (2012)

Feature performer at mindyourmind’s 2011 International Youth Day Mash Up and recording artist, Darrelle London, had a chance to chat with us on the phone upon the release of her exciting new album, Eat A Peach. She tells us what it was like to collaborate with her long time hero Chantal Kreviazuk on a few songs  like, “Too Good”, “Ceila” and “Peach”, and that the album was really about expressing parts of her true authentic self. While she says talent is, of course, essential to enter the music industry, she emphasizes how equally important hard work is, if you want to be successful. When asked what she would want to say to someone who is losing hope, Darrelle wants to say that “There’s always something to look forward to, even if it doesn’t feel that way... The future holds limitless possibilities”. Listen to the whole interview to find out how Darrelle relaxes and blows off steam, what the one thing she can’t go on tour without is and more...

Photo by mindyourmind