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Die Pretty

From Brooklyn, New York, punk band Die Pretty started out in 2008 when brother and sister Skip and Sarah  got together with Angelo Merendino and Tommy Cai. Die Pretty gained notice early on by performing alongside such acts as Goldfinger, Everclear, and many more. Die Pretty released their first full length album, Bittersweet throughout Europe on Unconform Records in February 2009. mindyourmind recently caught up with the new band and talked with Die Pretty about the New York music scene, how they deal with stress, about their newly released song, "Medicated Nation", and more.  Get to know the band with us below.

Your website describes you as first getting noticed through performing alongside bands such as Goldfinger and Everclear. What did that experience teach you about the music world?

We played with these bands a few years back. Both bands always put on killer performances. Meeting and playing alongside bands that have toured the world taught us to play our hearts out every time we are on stage and don't take anything for granted. Respect your fans and give back to them everything they give to you.

What inspired you to write the song “Medicated Nation?”

Everyone is an addict in their own way. Some self destructing and some not. Everyone has their own "fix" they need. The song is a story of two characters overcoming their personal struggles and addictions. This video is a story about two characters (Sarah and Sal play the characters) using medication to deal with their addictions. They both ultimately fail. For most people, medication is not enough to tame their addictions.

How do you find the New York music scene compared to those in other places you’ve played?

New York is a great music scene. Especially Brooklyn where we live. The only thing now-a-days is there are SO many bands. It’s hard to keep track because every week, there is someone new putting out cool tunes.

Dream location to play live?

Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

Would you classify yourself as “new school” punk rock or “old school” punk rock?

We would say we are a combination of Old and New and a mix of Pop Rock.

How do you deal with the stress of your job and your life (lives) overall?

Take one day at a time and deal with only the things that "you" can control. You can't stress about things that you have no influence or control over.

Best piece of advice for someone going through a hard time?

Talk to someone. The best medicine sometimes is a good friend to rely on.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on stage?

Sal our guitar player jumped up and was standing on the drums at a gig in NYC.His plan was the jump off the drums and end the song. Instead he fell off the drums and then tumbled off the stage. About 6 feet to the ground. He broke his guitar and ripped his jeans. LOL But the crowd went crazy!!

Musical influences?

We grew up listening to Southern California Bay Area Punk ROCK. Green Day, Rancid, Pennywide, Social D, Suicide Machines, No Doubt, Bad Religion. Thats when we were kids. Lately we like bands like The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, Paramore, Kings of Leon.

Favourite breakfast ever?

Clinton Street bakery in Manhattan has the best eggs benedict and biscuits in the world!

What should we expect from you in the near future? Any sneak peaks?

We have released two videos this year for "Voices" and "Medicated Nation" We have another video coming this summer for our tune "7th Avenue" We are playing shows and trying to build our fan base day by day. Check out our blog and website for updates and news!!