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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari is a four piece band from St Albans, UK that formed in 2003. Their sound has been described as rock, metal and even as mixed in with electronica and has received a whirlwind of attention since the release of their first debut album, Take To The Skies, in 2007. The album landed them a slew of awards, including 2 Kerrang! Awards, from the British music awards show. In January of 2012, their third album dropped, 'A Flash Flood Of Colour', taking the top spot on UK Album Charts for its first week of release. Check out our interview with Enter Shikari, as they talk about how they deal with stress, what the latest album title means, what advice they have for bands entering the music scene and more!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Passionate, aggressive at times, beautiful at times, beef, big beats, hard riffs, socially conscious lyrics, a roller coaster.

How has your band changed and evolved in the years you have been together, personally and music wise?

Well we've been a band for 9 years now so we have obviously matured a lot both personally as people and musically as a band and musicians. Tastes and influences change as you get older so whatever we emit creatively would be an amalgamation of what we have gained since our last output. I think we're a lot more confident nowadays and have really rounded off our sound to a very unique style that can only be described as 'Enter Shikari'.

Your new album, “A Flash Flood of Color” just recently came out. How has it been received so far? And what does the title represent?

It's gone down amazingly, we've been overwhelmed with the response both from our fans and from critics, not just on record but also live the tracks have been driving the audiences into a writhing, frothing frenzy. The title is a lyric from one of the tracks on the albums. when looking for titles we will look through all the lyrics on the album and see what jumps out at us. We wanted a very positive sounding title and thought this summed up everything on the album nicely.

Is there a particular song off the new album that you enjoy playing the most or that particularly speaks to you?

To be honest I enjoy playing all of them. I think there is one part in Gandhi mate, Gandhi that really kicks off every time. A massive beat after an exciting buildup, always an intense moment. Also I get to blow a whistle just before all hell breaks loose.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to make it big in a band or as an artist?

Don't try to make it big. Do it for the love and passion for music not for fame or money. Practice a lot. Don't be afraid to experiment. Network with other bands and promoters. Work hard for yourself, don't expect to get signed after one gig in London. If you do get signed, don't expect them to make you massive. Do it for the right reasons. There is a lot of transparent shit out there.

Being on the road a lot as a band must have its tough moments, what do you do when you feel stressed or worn out from all of your touring?

I love touring but yes it can grind you down. If I’m really starting to feel the strain I will do whatever I can to get out of the tour zone, go walk round whichever city I’m in, go watch a film at the cinema, anything to just get away from the tour bubble.

Being from Great Britain, is there something you can’t find anywhere else that you can’t live without?

Family. Other than that every country in the world has all I need to live. Except maybe the Antarctic. I am honestly very happy to eat different food and live by another culture's code of etiquette. I’m very adaptable.

What’s the greatest piece of advice that someone has ever given you?

Live in the present.

Where do you see Enter Shikari in the next five years?

Hopefully doing exactly the same thing we are doing now. I would have liked to have gone to some new places we've never toured before like around Asia and south America.

What is one word/saying that you live by?

Live in the present.