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hello!TrueSelf shares with mindyourmind

hello!TrueSelf is spreading virtual positive messages on Instagram and mindyourmind was interested in knowing more about them. Everyone seeks out guidance and support in different ways when they are needing to make changes in their lives. Following positive messaging on your social media feed can help you feel lighter and you can share these posts on your own social media accounts for your friends. Check them out on Instagram and give them a follow to get more positive messages on your feed. 

Could you share with us a bit about yourself and how hello!TrueSelf started?

In my teen years, I really struggled with my mental health, eating disorders, and just trying to figure out who I was. I have also supported a lot of family and friends experiencing similar issues, so I know the struggle is real. I want to be able to help others so they don't have to experience what I did and to inspire them by being an example of what is possible. 

hello!TrueSelf was created to bring the positive vibes and compassion to allow you to know exactly what you want in life, how to balance work/school/home, have positive mental health, achieve your goals…and of course…have FUN - this is our #1 rule!

Can you explain the connection of mental and physical health, and why it is crucial to care for both?

Physical and mental health are connected because positive mental health can build positive physical health. When a person is aware of their mental and physical health they are much more able to have a positive outlook on life, overcome life challenges and accomplish their goals.

Why is it important to share positive posts on your social media channel and where does the inspiration come from? Can you share your social media accounts?

Social media can be positive or negative, depending on who you follow and we wanted to add to that positivity. We want our posts to inspire our followers and motivate them to be their true authentic self and see the positive (even when it may be hard to find). We want to give our followers a safe space to express themselves and motivate them to love themselves and their life. Our inspiration usually comes from things that we’re experiencing or have experienced, in hopes that someone else that may need to hear the same message, can also benefit from it. 

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In a time of a pandemic where we don’t know the future of it, how can people care for their mental health at home?

Caring for your mental health is more important than ever, especially when some of the things we have done before the pandemic may not be possible right now. It’s extremely important (and maybe even, at times, a bit challenging - we get it) to be creative and find new ways to take care of ourselves. The good news is that since this has impacted the whole world a lot of companies are offering a lot of online options like virtual yoga, workouts, meditation, paint nights or even travel tours…the even better news is that a lot of these events are FREE!

What are some daily habits that people can start today to stay mentally well when so much is up in the air?

That’s a GREAT question! There are quite a few daily habits we can practice while at home to help us stay mentally well: 

  • Have a daily routine (this can be very simple: pick the top 1-3 things you'd like to accomplish in a day and get them done)
  • Drink water (this is more important than you may think, drinking water supports strong physical and mental wellness)
  • Make your bed every day (this may seem weird but it’s a great way to start and finish the day off with feeling successful…PLUS it’s super easy - WIN!)
  • When you wake up, set an intention for the day (this can even be just one word: love, fun, strength, productive)
  • Meditation or breathing exercises  (this doesn’t need to be long or complicated..even if it’s just one minute)
  • Stay connected to family and friends (even if it’s just virtually for now)
  • Get some fresh air
  • Use a gratitude journal
  • Move your body (go for a walk, stretch, work out…ANYTHING that you’re moving)
  • Be mindful of the amount of news you consume
  • Learn something new (recipe, workout, language, instrument)
  • Use your time wisely (do something productive that you don’t usually have time for)
  • Be creative (write, draw, zendoodle, paint…whatever you like to do, do it!)
  • Take advantage of all the free online content available
  • Celebrate your wins (big AND small…so yes, getting out of bed or dressed or showering, count)
  • Be mindful of your screen time (power off one hour before bedtime, notice if you’re getting caught in “the scroll” of social media - take a break)
  • HAVE FUN!!! (if you're only going to do one thing on this list, let it be this one…do something that makes you smile, it will be worth it!)
What is the “5 day True Self Challenge”? What will be part of the challenge and why is it happening?

Thanks for asking! We created the 5 day True Self Challenge as an easy and fun way for followers to better understand who they really are and what is important to them in a short period of time. Each day has a specific theme and an activity to inspire followers to have fun, learn to let go of things they can't control, and love themselves more. We have also included a gratitude practice because we feel, having that attitude of gratitude is especially important in these times. Since it can be difficult being at home, we want to give everyone something to look forward to each day. We also have a few more exciting new challenges in the works so follow us on Instagram for more updates.

We love asking this question to people we talk to. What would you tell your ‘younger self’?

I would say: NEVER EVER give up…even though some days you might feel like you want to, DON’T, just don’t! Focus on one thing at a time…you can have it all but not all at once and if you keep your focus right, you will achieve anything you want! Let your intuition guide you and you will definitely be in your most fulfilled place in the future when you find your purpose in life. Enjoy the journey. Don't rush. Every little path you have to go through will lead you somewhere. And looking back, you will be able to connect the dots. It will all make sense. Everything does happen for a reason and your experiences will shape you into a person who will inspire others to become their true authentic selves and live their best life - how amazing is that?

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