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Incura was formed in a small Canadian city in the Prairies a few years ago and has already toured with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown and Apocalyptica. They have a unique theatrical rock sound and have cited influences such as My Chemical Romance and “Phantom of the Opera” as inspirations.  They pride themselves on writing honest lyrics inspired by life and tell us ear plugs and sleep masks are essential while on tour!

This year, Incura is performing in the 2013 CMW festival and the Boonstock Festival on June 29, 2013, sharing the same stage as Godsmack and Limp Bizkit! Singer Kyle Gruninger comments “Playing the same festival as some of the bands I used to listen to everyday growing up, is a mind blowing experience”.

How did the band get started?

The band started in Lethbridge Alberta where we all went to school together or played in bands around the local scene. We started jamming together and Incura is what came of it.

You definitely have a unique sound! Kyle’s vocal style has been compared to System of a Down, Billy Talent and Queen, all mixed up into one and also as very theatrical! How would you describe your music or genre?

Theatrical Hard Rock are the words we have been throwing around. The music is full of a range of over the top emotional experiences. From love, to hate, aggression, satisfaction, fear, loss... The musical and emotion journey is what makes Incura.

What inspires your song writing and lyrics?

Life. Living life everyday. I write about what I see, feel and experience on a daily basis. I need to feel extremely connected or maybe disconnected from something to write about it. I censor nothing, and always write honestly about what I believe or don't believe in.

You’ve toured with some amazing bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown and Apocalyptica! Do you have any favourite memories from these tours? What would you say were some memorable moments?

Apocalyptica showed us a drink they made by mixing fishermans friends throat lozenges and vodka... It's like candy in a cup... And made for a crazy few nights on the road. Hahaha friendship with other bands and musicians are important to us, the best memories are the ones where we really really get to know band members we tour with on a more personal level.

What’s the hardest or most challenging thing for you guys while touring? And how do you deal with it?

Touring is challenging in general. We know this and really respect each other while we are working together on the road. Sleep is very very important. In saying that, trying not to share the hotel room with the guys who snore louder than a thunder storm is my most challenging hahaha, ear plugs, and sleep masks save my voice ;)

Lots of young people struggle with mental health issues. What would you want to say to someone who is feeling down and losing hope?

You're not alone. And it's okay to feel sad, or feel you're losing hope. Learn to recognize when and why you’re not feeling the way you wish you could, and work to express yourself in a way that can take you away from the negative. Draw, write, paint, dance, sing. Talk to those you love and love you how you deserve to be.

Do you have a favorite place in the world?

Anywhere where I'm surrounded by true friends and family, celebrating. I could be anywhere in the world as long as I'm around people I love .

Tell us one random fun fact about each band member?

Jim has a physics and education degree. Royce has a serious belief and fear of ghosts. Phil has more superman memorabilia than anyone I have ever seen. Jono loves extreme anything, he jumps outta planes, owns a gun licence, rides a motorbike and drives fast cars. Kyle is a vegetarian and has done work for organizations such as The World Society For The Protection of Animals and Doctors Without Boarders.

What can we expect next from Incura?

Touring touring touring and more touring. Live music and performing is a very big part about incura.