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Interview with Sex & Suicide Podcast

In 2017, Shawn Evans started the Sex & Suicide Podcast - "Uncensored", broadcasting out of his home in London, Ontario. It began as a platform for him to stay connected with others who were seeking advice on topics relating to mental health and sexual health, and he soon brought on Paulie O'Byrne and Scott Milne to join him on "Soulfire Sundays", a weekly series on the podcast featuring the three hosts chatting on a couch in Shawn's living room. They have frank, open talks about their experiences with mental health issues, and being "uncensored" helps them bring the taboo topics of sex and mental illness into everyday conversation.

On February 1st, 2018, the day after Bell Let's Talk Day, Kathryn and Justin from mindyourmind interviewed Shawn and Paulie as they were gearing up for the second season of their podcast. They spoke about fame, stigma, and the inspiration and challenges behind creating the Sex & Suicide Podcast - "Uncensored".