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Jason Taff

Author Jason Taff writes about his first experiences with bipolar disorder in his book, Bipolar Life: a Journey with God.

Bio provided by Jason Taff

"Jason was young when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was known for soaring moods and fantastic plans as well as a quick temper and brooding depressions. When his mother was at a loss for what to do next, he was taken to a doctor. Getting to know himself better was half the battle. As he learned more about his illness, he found ways to function and to have a relatively normal life. Follow along as Jason gives insight, wisdom, and advice into the Bipolar Life. If you or a loved one suffers from the disorder, you’ll learn how to better cope with its daily struggles, stick through the depression, and persevere past the highs. If you’re just interested in learning more about the disorder, Jason Taff gladly dispels tragic stereotypes and explains the real reasons behind bipolar behavior.

Jason Taff was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age nineteen. Jason is a devoted family member with a passion to share his knowledge and love for others through his writing."

In our interview, we talk to Jason about his experiences with bipolar disorder.

When / how did you realize you needed to get help? Did you see a doctor right away? Why or why not?

I realized I needed help when my mom slammed on the car breaks turned the car around and took me to the psychiatric hospital. I really knew I needed help when I read through the list of bipolar disorder symptoms, and realized I was experiencing most of them.

What helps you cope with bipolar disorder?

I cope with bipolar disorder knowing nothing can hold me back.  Knowing that pain is gain. It's not a matter of coping it's just life, it's just how it is.  I don’t want to sit around pouting about my disorder my whole life because that does not get me anywhere. I have this disorder and I am quite a capable human being with it.

What is NOT helpful?

It is not helpful dwelling on how horrible I am because of the disorder, or how horrible I think I am. It’s not helpful to get upset that my belly got a little bigger from medication. It’s not helpful to label myself.

You wrote a book called” Life with Bipolar Disorder, a Journey Filled with God”. Was writing about your experience with bipolar disorder therapeutic for you?

Looking back on writing that book, I had the time of my life doing so. The book changed my life!   

Does your faith / religion help to keep you balanced or grounded?

This question is kind of like asking do I need water to survive.

What do you want people to know about bipolar disorder?

I want people to be aware of it, especially those who are suffering from it.  I want them know what it is and what it does so they can help themselves and be better!  I want people who don’t have it to know about it so they are not afraid of it.

Do you have a favourite movie?

I love the movie Amazing Grace it is about William Wilberforce and the abolishment of the slave trade.

Favorite place in the world?

Anywhere with waterfalls!

Any words to live by?

Sometimes no words are better than words at all.