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Jim Han: Connecting the Dots

Photo:  Jim Han

Jim Han is a talented artist, community developer and social entrepreneur who stems from humble beginnings. His tenacity, work ethic, passion and dedication has earned a place among his compatriots as one of London’s most valued artists. He is co-founder of Ill At Will Breakin’ Crew, School of Hip Hop, and the Stay Hungry Stay Humble brand. 

Jim is committed to preserving the art of hip-hop and fostering diversity in our London community, and does this in many ways. His story of growth and evolution is inspiring to hear, and is founded on the principles of staying hungry and staying humble!  Listening to Jim talk about his journey will most certainly keep you inspired to work hard to make turn your dreams into realities! 

Check out Jim’s websites: Ill at Will & School of Hip Hop.

Thank you to our listeners and stay tuned for our next podcast with Joseph from Full Body Efficiency Treatment.

The mindyourmind podcast series ‘Connecting the Dots’ with Carolyn and Marnie is about everyday people opening up and sharing their journey on what their experiences have taught them. We all have a journey to take and obstacles to face. Storytelling is a powerful way to hear someone’s experiences and reflect on your own life. What you get out of the conversation might allow you to shift your thinking about having struggles, getting through them, and maybe even have you feeling a connection to someone else’s story. Connections are something that helps us feel less alone and able to focus on the positive things in our own lives, because we are aware that others have gone through similar situations. We also want to learn about how people overcome difficulties and use their experiences to help inspire others.

So sit back, get your headphones ready, and enjoy the conversation!

Photos by Nicole Coenen, North Cut Studio