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Joseph Barker: Connecting the Dots

Joey shares with us his journey through the evolution of life, his experiences on Team Canada in the paralympics, adulting and how changing your mindset can help your body heal. He shares what brought him to start his business Full Body Efficiency Treatment and his goals for teaching people to get connected to their inner selves. Joey explains how there are connections to the mind and how you can help yourself make healthy permanent changes to your body. He even runs us through the science of it all to help us understand the mechanics of living in modern life and how we are being challenged physically in our sedentary lives. He breaks down how the sessions will help you be more aware of your body daily to constantly work towards internal change and how it is a constant evolution. He also offers his free advice on how you can do different techniques today to help your overall mind and body! Thank you so much for sitting down and opening up with us! We know you will be entertained by this episode.

That wraps up our five-episode series ‘Connecting the Dots!’ We really enjoyed interviewing all of our guests because they were willing to put aside feeling vulnerable by opening up with all of us! The different ways to approach healing and changing your mindset to navigate life have been the valuable takeaways for us. We can’t wait to interview more amazing people to hear their stories of survival and how it can be motivating for all of us. 

Photo captured from Leisure LIVE Video Series