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Kaitlyn Taylor

T-shirt and hoodie designs by Kaitlyin Taylor Designs.

Kaitlyn is a grade 11 student that has recently started her own clothing line called Kaitlyn Taylor Designs. She is passionate about drawing, fashion and clothing design and wants to use her talents to fundraise money for a cause. We were thrilled to hear from Kaitlyn and learn about her work and that she wants mindyourmind to be a recipient of her t-shirt design company! Having been personally affected by depression and also knowing others who have been affected by it, Kaitlyn wants to help raise awareness about mental illness and that it is important to get help when it’s needed. She says, “mindyoumind doesn't force you to get better, it gives you the tools to help yourself get out of whatever you're going through.” She describes her clothing line with one word: “inspire” and she hopes to get her school involved in further fundraising efforts.

On behalf of mindyourmind – thank you for your thoughtful and kind efforts Kaitlyn!

How did you get started designing clothes and how long have you been doing it?

Ever since I was little I loved drawing and designing clothes. Fashion’s always been a huge part of my life, but it wasn’t until this year where I actually started making something of my designs. I believe I truly started designing because I found it was one of the very few things I was passionate about and I loved the fact I found something so special to me at such a young age.

What inspires your designs?

My designs in Kaitlyn Taylor Designs are inspired by music and a desire to be the greatest version of yourself. Whether these designs were inspired by negative events or positive ones, every time I look at them I see how much I have grown as an individual during the last few years.   

What do you want someone who wears your t-shirt to feel about your design?

I want whoever wears my designs to feel like they are a part of society. I want them to feel like no matter what obstacles they have to face that they can overcome them. I guess the true meaning I want my designs to display is being comfortable in your own skin and being proud of the person you are in this moment, rather, than the person you were or the things you had to deal with to get where you are now.

Can you speak to some of the symbols you use, what do they represent?

Some of the symbols I use in my designs such as the infinity sign and the dream catcher, represent everything coming together for the best. They're very important to me because I honestly never thought anyone would even like my designs and now the fact I am getting orders in and being noticed for them it's truly unbelievable and reinforces the fact to me that things get better, they always do.

Do you have a personal favorite t-shirt design and why?

At the moment I think my favorite t-shirt is the 'Catch Up to Your Dreams' design with the dream catcher. I just love the way it came together and how different it is from anything I've ever done before. I think it's my favorite because of the fact that this is my dream and I'm beginning to live it out everyday which is unbelievable.

How do you feel your designs can make an impact?

I hope that my designs will bring awareness to depression especially within teenagers. I want my designs to show people that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and I hope Kaitlyn Taylor Designs gives out that impression.

How did you hear about mindyourmind and why did you decide to contribute to the program?

Even before I decided to start up Kaitlyn Taylor Designs I was extremly passionate about finding a way to help bring awareness to the ongoing issue of teenage depression. Depression has affected myself and the people around me and when I found mindyourmind while doing research on the issue, I knew that it was exactly the charity I was looking for. mindyoumind doesn't force you to get better, it gives you the tools to help yourself get out of whatever you're going through. I feel like this is extremely important because many people are scared to get help, but mindyourmind is a place you can go to help yourself out.

If you had to think of one word that describes your clothing line, what you’re hoping to do, everything about this cause, which word would it be?

I think one word to describe Kaitlyn Taylor Designs would be 'inspire'. My main goal through my designs is to bring awareness and share my story. It's crazy to think that I am in high school and I've already gotten this far with my designs considering it is something I am so passionate about. I want people to know that no matter what is in your way you can accomplish whatever you want if you believe in yourself. As corny as that sounds it's true. Never give up on your dreams and never give up on helping to inspire the dreams of the people around you. Thanks again!  Kaitlyn

Photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Taylor