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Katie Stack, Artist

Katie Stack is an artist who has recently designed a clothing and accessory line with the logo “Ease your mind”. 50% of the sales from this line will be donated to mindyourmind and we are so appreciative of any donation and campaigns because they help non-profit programs. From the safety of her home, Katie answered some of our questions about her motivation to create her art and where you can purchase it for yourself or someone you care about! Thank you Katie for taking your time to share with

Can you tell us about the clothing and accessory line you are selling?

"Ease Your Mind" is a design inspired by those relaxing moments when you can unwind and listen to your favorite tunes. It's important to take time out of your day to relax and put any worries or stresses aside, and do something that you enjoy. This design is featured on a variety of products and accessories with hopes to raise some funds and awareness for mindyourmind.

Why is it important for people to wear clothing that has positive messages about mental well-being?

You never know what kind of struggles and stresses people may be facing internally. Something as simple as a positive message on a t-shirt could help someone push through a tough day. There’s always room for more positivity and acceptance in the world!

What has been your involvement with mindyourmind in the past, and what inspired you to have 50% of the royalties donated to mindyourmind?

Back in 2014 I designed an alternate version of "Ease Your Mind" for mindyourmind, through a t-shirt contest on a third party site (that is no longer in business). In realizing that the design basically vanished from the internet and was no longer being used anywhere, I decided to revise the design in hopes that we could work together once again, and share the benefits and the positivity of the design. As someone who has dealt with mental hurdles of my own, I value mindyourmind’s mission and am so happy to help and support them in any way I can.

What kind of art do you create and how does it impact your mental health?

I primarily design t-shirts by participating in weekly design contests through “shirt.woot.” This keeps me creative and productive, and I very much enjoy the competition and community of artists. I also spend a lot of time painting with alcohol inks; they are a beautiful fluid medium which anyone can enjoy, even those who don’t consider themselves artistic. I recommend them to anyone looking for a creative outlet! Life can be overwhelming, and it’s essential to find activities that you enjoy that can help you relax and unwind. For me that’s my creativity, as well as spending time with my pets.

What is the future for your art and can you share with us what you are working on?

In addition to my art, I work with a nonprofit cat rescue group and have recently been developing a cat and dog line of shirt and product designs, called Serenikitty. I love to give back to my community, and I find using my artistry to do so can be a great way to help others. Check out my new project

What else are you promoting so that people can check it out?

I am growing my social media presence, and would appreciate it so much if you’d follow me on Facebook and Instagram! and 

Where can people buy your t-shirts and accessories?

Direct links through:

Photos courtesy of Katie Stack