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Kendra Fisher

Hockey player, Kendra Fisher, grew up in Kincardine, Ontario. With the support of her family and town behind her, Kendra quickly achieved great successes in her hockey career. Ten years ago, when faced with the opportunity to realize her dream of goaltending for Team Canada, Kendra was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder coupled with panic attacks, agoraphobia and depression, forcing her to leave the program in order to seek help to learn how to live with what had become a crippling disease. Kendra is now sharing her personal journey and joining the efforts to bring mental health issues to the forefront. Also, it is her hope that her story will offer both hope and promise to others dealing with mental health issues and provide another platform for discussions aimed at de-stigmatizing mental health in today's society.

Also an athlete and hockey player, mindyourmind volunteer Ivy, interviewed Kendra about her experience with mental illness, how it interfered with her hockey career, how she healed and recovered, as well as about the role of mental health in sports. What can coaches, sports organizations and athletes do to support a team member with mental illness?
Thanks Kendra for meeting with us and sharing your story!

Photos by mindyourmind