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Michael Landsberg

TSN Off The Record host and sports journalist Michael Landsberg has been with the TSN network since 1984 and has talked to some of the most prominent figures in sports, including NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, NFLers Terrell Owens and Tony Dungy and most recently, a debate with UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, that reached a million hits. Landsberg, known for asking his guests tough and controversial in-your-face questions, was recently on the other end of the interview, with mindyourmind. That is, we interviewed him! We weren’t in his face – but we did talk to him about the tough, controversial and important topic of depression.

Michael Landsberg has been no stranger to depression, telling us that he’s experienced 4 severe episodes in the past, describing it as, “When you wake up in the morning, you’re SURE that by the time you go to bed at night, nothing good will have happened to you. You just have no ability to see anything, any sunshine, whatsoever”. After experiencing his most severe depression episode in 2008, Michael says, “... I have now made a commitment to medication for the rest of my life. ...I am a chronic depression sufferer and I am lucky to live in era where we have this thing called an anti-depressant and it’s not a perfect has side effects and I wish I wasn’t on it, but I need it”. When you need help, he says, you should tell someone! And not be ashamed of it.

Check out our indepth phone interview with this iconic Canadian sports host...