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Mickey Gloss

Mickey Gloss

Mickey Gloss is an experimental / psychedelic punk rock band that left the east coast of Australia for London, UK amidst the chaos and disorder of the riots in summer 2011. Signposting the anarchy and energy is lead single 'Are You Happy?', where wry social commentary meets garage psychedelia.

(Bio provided by Mickey Gloss)

You recently released a new single called “Are you happy?” What is happiness to you? Do you think there is a secret to happiness?

Happiness to me is when you’re tired at the end of the day and you can sleep knowing your getting closer to the person you want to be. I think there is a secret to happiness but I cannot tell you it because it's a secret.

What do you hope your music will inspire others to do?

I hope it will inspire them to make better music than me.

When is the last time you saw or heard something that made you laugh hysterically?

Pretty big fan of keyboard cat.

Music idol?

Tim Taylor from Brainiac.

Best memory on the road/tour?

Seeing Mickey Gloss drummer Andy destroy a KFC family meal 'Man V Food' style after a long drive.

Most embarrassing moment?

Having my mum dress me in a waist coat and suit for my first school disco.

Any piece of advice that you would give to someone who is having a hard time and wondering about reaching out for help?

Theres always someone there for you, even when you think theres not.

Greatest advice anyone gave you?

Never eat yellow snow.

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