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Miss Conception: Pride Interview

To celebrate PRIDE month, the mindyourmind team wanted to highlight the stories of the diverse and inspiring people that make up the LGBTQ+ community. In many ancient cultures storytelling was not only a way to entertain but it was a way to pass on history, values and provide meaning to the listener. It was a way to learn from the past and the journey of others to better understand yourself and where you come from. Just like the stories of the past, this interview is meant to give you a glimpse into one person's experience navigating themselves and sharing their journey, challenges and triumphs to become their authentic self.

Name: Kevin AKA Miss Conception
Age: 38
Pronouns: He / Him

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey?

All my life I wanted to be onstage and now I'm a live singing impersonator that has been performing for 20 years. My journey has taken me around the world performing and continues to this day. I have a loving family and support from all my friends. I'm a sweet kind man that wants to help raise money for everyone and make a difference.

What is one obstacle you faced on your journey and how did you overcome it (or how are you overcoming it)?

The hardship right now is travelling the world while my dad is sick but I'm trying to stay positive and work hard and take my family with me whenever I can.

How do you practice self-care and/or where do you find support during tough times?

I try and stay focused and spend as much time with my family as they're my rock. I try and eat well and stay in shape as we know being on the road there's lots of junk food. LOL

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?  

That I'm actually kinda shy as a guy LOL As Miss Conception I'm outgoing and crazy but when I'm Kevin I like it more relaxed and hidden if that makes sense.

How can people follow your journey or see a show?
Instagram: Missctoronto
Facebook: Miss Conception
Twitter: Missctoronto


If you enjoyed reading this interview check back weekly, for the month of June, to hear from other amazing members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Photo supplied by Miss Conception