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My Name Is Kay

New Canadian pop artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kay, is known for her single, “My Name Is Kay". Set out to make a name for herself as a musician after graduating from high school in 2003, she has created lots of buzz with her hit singles, and touring with acts such as Hedley, LMFAO and Karl Wolf, to name just a few.  

She’s upbeat and positive, not just in her music, but all around! mindyourmind volunteer, Adi, talked with Kay during a tour in London, Ontario, and got to know the rising star. She talks about her experience with high school and that it is NOT always the best time of everyone’s life. Kay says everyone gets bullied at some point and that we need to remember that “everyone just wants to be loved and liked”. She shares her views on friendship, as well as how she finds balance while on tour, along with random tid bits. Check out the full video interview with Kay!

mindyourmind volunteer, Adi.