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My Youth Summit Experience with Erica

A few of our Canada Service Corps alumni were selected to join 300 other Canadian youth at the Canada Youth Summit from May 2nd-3rd, 2019. This event took place in Ottawa and had an action packed schedule. Erica was one of the participants and shared her reflections on the experience.

How did you hear about the Canada Youth Conference?

I first heard about the Canada Youth Conference from mindyourmind. I had no idea that these types of conferences even existed. As soon as I got asked if I was interested, I immediately responded with yes. I find it so amazing that the government is actually putting forward a way for youth to voice their opinion and help foster change.

What did you do while you were there?

Throughout my trip to the Youth Summit, there was a schedule outlined that contained various speakers, break out sessions, a marketplace, volunteer opportunities and more! There was so much to explore with the various programs offered for youth in our country. We got the opportunity to hear our prime minister and his wife speak regarding youth policy, along with some amazing people like Tessa Virtue. Each participant got to choose a volunteer experience while at the summit. I got the opportunity to attend Parkland Food Center and help package “Thirteen spices” for an upcoming event they were hosting. It was amazing to hear from so many inspiring youth that have such passion and drive to help make a better future for everyone.

What were the highlights?

My highlights throughout this trip was engaging with so many people from so many different backgrounds. During the break out sessions, we would choose a topic of importance and respond to questions how to help change policy and what youth want to see in the future to help policy review. It was great to get different opinions and foster a new perspective.

The youth marketplace was one of my favourites, considering sometimes it’s hard to see all of the programs and opportunities available to you. I thought this was a great activity as it helped me want to become more involved.

What have you taken away from this experience?

It was such an eye opening experience. It really did enlighten me to see the bigger picture within our society and showing me the importance that we need to take action in order to enact change. I really hope they continue to do this Youth Summit in the coming years!

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