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Our Lives In Motion

Worcester, Massachusetts five-piece rock band Our Lives In Motion, pride themselves on being a band that "will never be about an image or a gimmick". They want to connect with their fans and make music that comes from their hearts. Their album, "Stages", released May 2011, was produced by Brooks Paschal in Woodland FL. Paschal has also produced such acts as There For Tomorrow and Paramore. In our interview with OLIM, we got to know the band and find out at least one random fun fact about each band member, as well as what OLIM would want to say to someone who is struggling with a mental illness.

When asked what the one best piece of advice they were given was, they told us: "Follow your dreams and never let anyone stand in your way. You and only you create your own destiny, so dream big and never settle for anything less than the best. You have complete control over turning your dreams into reality".

Your bio describes Our Lives In Motion as a band that “will never be about an image or a gimmick and everything we do is real and it comes from the heart.” When and how did Our Lives In Motion get started?

Our bio speaks true about who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Our Lives In Motion was formed just over two years ago. Me (Dave) and Tony really wanted to start a new project that was true to ourselves. We didn't want to try and sound / be like any of the other bands around and decided we would start a project if we could find it in ourselves to write songs true to the heart. From there we set out for success with a vengeance and here we stand.


What’s one random fun fact about each band member?

  • When Dave isn't playing in the band he rides around on his motorcycle, he might think he is a biker ;)
  • Jeff has an undying love for burritos. He'd do most anything to obtain one.
  • Tony has an obsession with Madden football games. Every year he waits in line at the local Gamestop until midnight just to get his hands on a copy of the new Madden.
  • Cam has a love for cooking and loves to have Rib cook offs to win over the hearts and stomachs of friends and loved ones! We love you Cam.

What does the band name signify to you?

When we chose the band name Our Lives In Motion it was a sense of moving forward. Tony and I had some down time to collect our thoughts on where we were in our lives both personally and musically. We wanted OLIM to be a powerful unstoppable force that would always remain "In Motion" no matter what boundaries we encountered. It’s a name / phrase we live by both inside and outside the band. None of us ever want to be stuck in one spot in our lives and for that reason it’s important to remain in motion, indefinitely evolving.

What’s the best part about being a musician or making music?

Music for me is an amazing outlet. I can't think of a better way to express myself than through song. Each line is significant and I'm truly blessed to have a talent that allows me to express myself so freely. Aside from self expression there is no better feeling than writing / performing songs that fans are able to relate to and are truly touched by.  There is no better feeling than leaving a positive, lasting impression.

What inspires your music or lyric writing?

All the lyrics I write come from deep life experiences and or events/ situations I have observed throughout my 25 years of life.

What were some of your musical influences growing up?

Growing Up I and all the guys listened to and were inspired by a wide range of bands. Our influences come anywhere from country music, old school rap like Biggie to the seniors of our genre like Story of The Year, Thrice and many more. We owe a lot of what we stand for to our hometown bands that we played numerous shows with such as Vanna, Four Year Strong, & Receiving End of Sirens; just to name a few.

What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

"Follow your dreams and never let anyone stand in your way. You and only you create your own destiny, so dream big and never settle for anything less than the best. You have complete control over turning your dreams into reality"

Everyone goes through hard times. More than 1 in 5 people struggle with a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. What would you want to say to someone who is going through a hard time?

I really urge those suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental illness to find their niche. Whether you want to believe it or not everyone has a talent. Some are big, some small but if you can find your focus no one can take that away from you. Talent is something you can be born with or something you can attain and I truly believe if you can find a focus it can truly make you happy. This isn't to say you have to become famous or even impress anyone. It’s about being able to please and impress yourself. The first step in happiness is being able to make yourself happy and having a focus can really change a lot of things in a person’s life. Self motivation and satisfaction is everything.

What helps you cope or deal with stress?

Having an outlet. My personal outlet is music and art. I believe a lot of people hold in stress because they have no outlet or just don't realize that there are numerous outlets for stress. I have always tried my best to turn my stress into something positive such as a song or cool painting. If you can make your stress into a positive aspect in your life you no longer see it as stress. It may sound strange but I often find stress fueling my creativity.

What are some of the ways Our Lives In Motion like to have fun?

We are all about good times! Some of our favorite things to do are playing shows, hangouts with bonfires, we love to crack jokes and laugh for hours on end. I guess you can call us adventurous. It’s safe to say we are up for most anything that involves good times and good people.