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Paige Blossom, Musician

Seventeen year old Paige Blossom is an up and coming musical artist born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She recently launched her debut EP, Vincent, on all streaming platforms — she has a fresh and beautiful sound that you won’t want to miss! Paige is also passionate about mental health, and we had the opportunity to ask her a few questions on the subject:

You have a lovely voice and are quite talented! I’m sure there are times when you doubt yourself though, as we all do. What kinds of things do you tell yourself during those times?

First I try to reset quickly and do an affirmation to remind myself to be in a positive energy BEFORE I make the mistake of being sucked into this negative mind set, or if I’m already there cause I’m not perfect then my go to affirmation to switch gears is “I am loved”.

Your debut EP is titled Vincent, and includes a track called Van Gogh. Could you share about the meaning or inspiration you’ve drawn from Vincent Van Gogh for this EP?

Since Vincent Van Gogh suffered with ill mental health his whole life and even led to his eventual suicide, yes I was inspired that despite this ill health that he was still able to create such beautiful art. In my song Van Gogh I used him as a metaphor to ill mental health to describe toxic behaviour in a relationship I was in. I actually wrote this song when I myself was in a very dark place and discovered that yes you can create beautiful art from painful places... it was here when I discovered my love for unusual chord progressions as you can hear in the melody throughout Van Gogh.

It must be pretty exciting to have an EP released at only 17 years old! What has been the best and worst thing about making music at your age?

Well the best part I’d say is that I already  know my purpose in life. I know this can be a very difficult thing for youth to figure out and I’m confident that music is my calling and I’m grateful to my parents who gifted me this production when they recognized and agreed with me that this was the next step for me in my journey. 

I’d say the hardest thing has been the impact on my social life... my non-musician and best friends are all gamers as am I so of course it’s hard to make time for gaming when I’m busy with music... I’d say finding balance is my biggest struggle.

Are there times when music is the source of your stress? What other kinds of things do you turn to in those moments?

Well lately yes because all my gigs this summer were cancelled and I have not been able to replace the loss of income which I would normally want to use to pour into new production. It’s been a struggle to figure the tech stuff required for online opportunities but I’m working at it and learning along the way.

Not going to lie I’m a huge chocoholic and crave it terribly when I’m feeling stressed hehe. I’ve found comfort in baking as well since the pandemic hit.

What’s something that you’ve learned or discovered about yourself during the pandemic this year?

I unfortunately lost my dog to cancer during the pandemic. I’m really grateful for the extra time I had to spend with her on long walks and later when she wasn’t able anymore just sitting with her for hours comforting her. I’ve spent most of my life always on the go often with auditions overlapping with rehearsals and coachings etc... so what I learned about myself was that I actually do enjoy being quiet and that I don’t always have to keep my mind so busy all the time ... something I started doing really young I think to cope when I was being bullied in grade school... By keeping myself so busy after school it gave me something to look forward to after a day of torment and exclusion by my bullies.

If you could speak to pre-teen Paige, what would you tell her?

Oh boy!! I would tell her to not be afraid to speak up for yourself. That your opinion counts whatever it is and that you should never be afraid to speak your mind AND I would tell her that she did nothing wrong... that her reactions to the torment and bullying that she unfortunately endured for years because of jealous and toxic behaviour from some peers and people she thought were her friends was not her fault. PERIOD

Don’t ever let someone dull your shine!!

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Photography by Brandon Allen