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Patron Saint of Plagues

Patron Saint Of Plagues is a Canadian “Horror rock” band that formed in 2006. They’ve recorded two records, with the first one being an LP called "The Fires That Purge" which vocalist / guitar player Opi has claimed "I never considered it a PSOP record because of it's minimal horror themes." The second release was an EP entitled "Haunting". In our interview with the band, they briefly talk about what it was like to go through losing a close friend.

Patron Saint of Plagues was formed in 2006. How would you describe your musical genre?

To put it simply, we play Horror Rock. We’re like the Gremlins of music; we shouldn’t have been fed after midnight.

PSOP is described as having dark energy, with a horror style. What inspires your style, music and lyrics?

Nightmares. Most of the songs spawn from that unclear moment after waking, when you’re all fuzzy. The stories pour out of that dark place that makes you wonder if you were really even asleep at all.

Any major musical influences?

Murderdolls, The Misfits, Zombiesuckers, diemonsterdie. Basically anyone else whose got the guts to put on a costume and sing a scary song.

Music can be inspiring and affect people in different ways. How do you hope your music will affect others?

We’re just trying to give people a way to escape the mundane.

Your bio mentions the death of a close friend as having a significant impact on Patron Saint of Plagues early on in the band’s development. Can you talk a little bit about what that loss was like for you and what helped you cope and heal?

Losing someone close to you is always difficult. It can take time to find a way to cope. Drawing inspiration from the person’s life is a constructive way to deal with such a significant event.

Is there anything you would want to say to someone who is also experiencing a loss?

Don’t do anything drastic. It’s hard to move on, but there are a lot of other people who have gone through the same thing. Channel yourself into something constructive; after all, negative emotion has spawned some of the best art.

In your song, “Slipping Away”, you sing the following lyrics. “Should I submit to this disease? It’s eating away inside of me. Wasting away in a hospital bed Would anyone even notice if I was dead?” I think we can all feel small and insignificant or unnoticed at times. Is there something that gives you hope?

Music. The idea that the stories we tell will live on long after we’re dead and gone gives us a sense of relief. Even when the world seems too overwhelming to handle, there’s always solace in the fact that we may have entertained someone. We all slip sometimes.

How do you guys like to relax and have fun?

We like to visit cemeteries and play acoustic music after the sun goes down. There’s nothing quite like it.

Who’s on your iPod or music player right now?

Opi Saint: Nirvana, The Clash, George Thorogood and the Destroyers Dead Boy: Pantera, Metallica, Twisted Sister Robbie Graves: Between the Buried and Me, Maylene and the Sons, Clutch Bonez: Naked and Famous, Asking Alexandria, Hey Monday

What can we expect / look out for from PSOP in the near future?

We’re working on some songs and videos for our next release. Check out our website, we should have some new stories for our fans very soon. Keep it kreepy!