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Perez Hilton interviewed (2008) the ‘Queen of All Media’ himself, Perez Hilton. He brings you daily news about celebs a la mode, dripping with syrupy sarcasm.

What may look like praising a celeb, upon closer inspection, you find him mocking them. He teaches us to not take ourselves too seriously (or does he teach us anything at all?). After all, even famous people are just people. Perez says “Have fun, and if it’s not fun, make it fun.”

We're living in a time where we are obsessed with celebrities and the intimate details of their lives. Your web site feeds the appetite and leaves your user asking for more. We talk to youth who tell us that they visit your site two or three times a day. What brings them back?

Well the fact that I work hard on it and I update my site all the time. And not being like the others. There’s always something different and crazy going on in the wacky world of celebrities. And it’s free for them to consume. You know, they don’t have to pay $3 dollars to pick up US Weekly or People Magazine or whatever. it’s free. Free and fabulous.

In many ways, you have deconstructed celebrity, stripping the myth and glamour associated with having money and fame and presenting something that at times is ugly and common. Is that your intent? And is what you do art if art is about reflecting and creating a shift in society
or is it just 'gossip and bad journalism'?

My intent is just to entertain. Some people may perceive what I do to be silly, trivial or stupid or mean or whatever, but I know that over 4.5 million readers a day enjoy what I do and they keep coming back so that gives what I do meaning. You know, I’m an entertainer and I get to entertain people and I get to have fun and that’s wonderful, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m very happy.

Warhol ‘s statement “Everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes” is more true now than it was when he first uttered those words decades ago. He too was interested not only in the cult of celebrity but of this notion of disposable celebrity. With your emphasis on individuals like Tara Reid, Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, you too seem to have an interest in these celebs- why?

Because it gives me something to talk about. You know the great thing is that I’ve accustomed my readers to expect me to talk about everyone, from A-listers to D-listers to Z-listers to people that aren’t even on the list because all the celebrity weeklies usually just talk about the same 4, 5, 6 maybe dozen people over and over again, but I get to paint with very bright colours and talk about, you know, a large group of people

How would your family and friends describe you and how has your upbringing shaped who you are as a person?

I’d have to say that…I don’t know, my friends would say that I’m fun, loud and a good writer and that I’m also really quiet.

You've reached a certain level of influence that now allows you to lend your celebrity to make a real difference. What do you feel strongly about? Is there a cause that you would want to give your support to and why?

Yeah, I mention politics all the time on my website. I’ll discuss whatever I think is of importance to me. I’ll also share music. Music is very important to me and I always mention artists that I enjoy and support on my website.

As a gay man, you appreciate the challenges and personal turmoil that gay, lesbian and transgendered youth can experience. In fact suicide is one of the leading causes of death for gay youth. What would you say to a young person who is struggling with these issues?

I’d say look at me, I mean, if I’ve been able to be myself and be successful than you can too. Not only am I really loud, gay, outspoken, and have blue hair at the moment, and Latino, but I’m not your traditional voice. You know, you don’t have to be gay or lesbian to relate to me. You know, I’m the outsider. I’m the outsider that was accepted by the mainstream. So even when you don’t think you can fit in, you can still be yourself and be loved. Or appreciated.

Have you ever posted something and then regretted having done so?

Never. Not a single time.

What are your 'words to live by'?

Have fun and if it’s not fun, make it fun.

Fill in the blank. Perez, the man who ___________________?

Has my favourite blog

Are there any issues that you think will still be talked about a year from now?