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Plain White T's

Plain White T’s with Tom Higgenson (Vocals) and Dave Tirio (Drums)

From Chicago Illinois, came a song about a girl from New York City. It reached #1 on Billboards in 5 countries and Top 10 in over 20 countries!

You probably heard it at the gym, in your car, or anywhere that there was a radio. And if you were like me, you probably loved it each and every time you heard it ‘cause it was that good! ‘Hey There Delilah’ is the love song that took Plain White T’s out of the underground scene and catapulted them into the hearts of the international mainstream. While on their Young Wild Things Tour, we met up with Tom and Dave at the venue they were to be performing at that night, also getting a sneak preview to Fall Out Boy’s practice set, on the stage below the room we were in. We talked to the guys, finding out who Delilah is and also about other relationship stuff. Check it out…

Photos by mindyourmind